The Ecuadorian metropolitan press reports on our achievements.

What the press of the capital writes about our achievements:

The popular media outlet of the capital “EL COMERCIO” (Quito, Ecuador) published an article about the discovery of new species of crickets that live in Ecuador and Peru. It should be noted that none of these species have been recorded in South America so far. The new species differ from the previously known ones in the structure of the reproductive organs, as well as the size and the colour of the body.

The article also describes the work of the research group headed by Vladimir Izerskyy and Andrey Gorokhov. The group is engaged in the work aimed at restoring the ecosystems of the Amazon. The description of new species is of great importance for environmental projects in the region. We hope that our discoveries will continue to arouse great interest from the general public.

Other details and interesting facts connected with the discoveries were told by Izerskyy to the journalist and can be found in the article.

Source:Un nuevo grillo se suma a las especies de insectos del Ecuador

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