The end of the year is approaching, and this period brings us some good news. The book “Weevil Beetles of the Central Selva of the Satipo province, Peru” is planned for release This is a book about long-horned beetles (Cerambycidae) living in the jungles of Central Peru. For many years, researchers of our Association have studied their species composition and distribution, behavioral characteristics and other features, and as a result of this work, a huge amount of data has been collected.
The book contains a huge number of photos of these interesting creatures with luxurious antennas and unusual coloring. Longhorn beetles are very diverse and beautiful, and are also one of the largest families in terms of the number of species described in it! The largest beetle in the world, the titan beetle (Titanus giganteus L.), is also a longhorn beetle, reaching a length of 18 or even 21 cm! Just imagine this big guy! Or, for example, did you know that the larval stage of some beetles can last up to several years?
The wait is not long left. We are looking forward to the release of this book. And we hope that it will be very interesting for specialists and everyone who is interested in nature.