The research team

Our team consists of specialists working in various fields of natural sciences. Among them: zoologists, botanists, ornithologists, entomologists, ecologists, forestry engineers and anthropologists, with whom the Foundation has been cooperating for more than 15 years.

Research work is carried out not only during expeditions, but also continues in the laboratories of scientific institutions of our partners. The studied material is donated for the permanent storage in the taxonomic collections of the world's best museums.

Due to their united teamwork during the field research, each of our scientific expeditions brings results in the form of descriptions of new genera and species of animals and plants that are still unknown to science.

The list of research workers involved in the study of flora and fauna

– ING. Efrain Edgar Bonzano Sosa
– ING. Julio Cesar Bonzano Sosa

– Andrey Gorokhov
– Leonid Anisyutkin

-Alexander Petrov
-Olga Chudinova

– Igor Chupin

-Alexey Tishechkin

-Elena V. Shaverdo

-Kirill Eskov

-Valeriy Pozdnyakov

-Christian Rene Pineda Reina

– Yuri Bezverkhov
-David Aldo Cuisp Rivera
-Nikolai Leon Fernandes
– Roberto Octavio Maravi Alzamora
– Darwin Soto Guzman Rosali Canchuricra Huaman
– Giovanna Yepez Grande

– Bezverkhovia lydia Gorochov, 2018
– Diatrypa volodymyri Gorochov, 2013 
– Geogryllus doderoae Gorochov & Izerskyy, 2019
– Geogryllus mezai Gorochov & Izerskyy, 2019
– Gnathoclita izerskyi Gorochov, 2018
– Parableta nikolaii Gorochov, 2018
– Paraphidnia bezverkhovi Gorochov, 2012
– Plectoptera vladimiri Anisyutkin, 2009
– Strogulomorpha davidi Gorochov, 2011
– Uvaroviella izerskyi Gorochov, 2011
– Uvaroviella izerskyi multa Gorochov, 2019
– Gen. Izerskya Gorokhov, 2019
–Bergiola gorokhovi Garai, 2011
–Stilbops (Neostilbops) gorokhovi Kasparyan, 1999

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