Таксономия подсемейства Podoscirtinae (Orthoptera: Gryllidae). Часть 11: триба Hapithini и другие американские таксоны

Taxonomy of Podoscirtinae (Orthoptera: Gryllidae). Part 11: the tribe
Hapithini and other American taxa

The endemic American tribe Hapithini Gorochov, 1986 is divided into three subtribes: Hapi-
thina stat. nov., Cearacesaina stat. nov. (= Cearacesaini Koçak et Kemal, 2010) and Aphono-
morphina Desutter, 1988 (the latter subtribe is transferred from Podoscirtini). The following

former genera of Hapithina are included in the genus Hapithus Uhler as its subgenera or as
their synonyms: Hapithus s. str. (= Alexandrina Otte et Perez-Gelabert, syn. nov.; = ? Sipho
Otte et Perez-Gelabert), Mashiyana Otte et Perez-Gelabert, stat. nov. (= ? Margarettia Otte

et Perez-Gelabert and Knyella Otte et Perez-Gelabert), Orocharis Uhler, stat. nov. (= ? Wal-
kerana Otte et Perez-Gelabert and Carylla Otte et Perez-Gelabert), Laurepa Walker, stat.

nov., Antillicharis Otte et Perez-Gelabert, stat. nov., as well as Sabelo Otte et Perez-Gelabert
and Laurellia Otte et Perez-Gelabert with unclear position inside Hapithus s. l. The following
new taxa (49) are described from Neotropical region:

Journal name: Zoosystematica Rossica 
Author (s): A.V. Gorochov

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