Систематика американских кузнечиков (orthoptera: tettigoniidae). Сообщение 7

Systematics Of The American Katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae). Communication 7

The genera Parascudderia Brunner-Wattenwyl, 1891 and Caroliniella Cadena-Castañeda, 2015 from the tribe
Scudderiini of the subfamily Phaneropterinae as well as Championica Saussure et Pictet, 1898 and Diacanthodis
Walker, 1870 from the subfamily Pleminiinae are considered. The first genus is divided into two subgenera
(Parascudderia s. str. and Negativeria subgen. nov.) on the base of differences in the colouration of hind wings and
hind tibiae as well as in the shape of last abdominal tergite in male; Parascudderia s. str. contains P. dohrni Brunner-
Wattenwyl, 1891 from Brazil, P. setrina Grant, 1960 from Ecuador, P. strigilis Grant, 1960 from Brazil, and P. positiva
sp. nov. from Ecuador; Negativeria subgen. nov. includes P. secula Grant, 1960 from Peru, P. astylata sp. nov. from
Peru, and P. negativa sp. nov. from Ecuador. Four smaller new taxa are additionally described from South America:
P. secula santacruzi subsp. nov. from Bolivia; C. pichincha sp. nov. from Ecuador; Ch. poeciloptera sp. nov. from Peru;
D. cristulata sp. nov. from Ecuador. These new taxa are distinguished from all the previously described species and
subspecies of the same genera by the characters of general appearance as well as some features of the copulatory ap-
paratus or pronotal tubercles. New data on some other species of these subfamilies are also given.

Key words: America, Caroliniella, Championica, Diacanthodis, new taxa, Parascudderia, Phaneropterinae, Ple miniinae, Tettigoniidae

Journal name: Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS 
Author (s): A.V. Gorochov

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