Содержание птиц семейства Traupidae в неволе

Management of birds of the family Traupidae in captivity. Genus Tangara, Ramphocelus and Traupis

Currently, in the fauna of Peru there are 23 species of genus Tangara, 3 species of
genus Thraupis and 2 species of genus Ramphocelus.
All these birds are the representatives of the avifauna exclusively Central and South America.

In nature they are found in all types of biotopes at altitudes from the
from the sea to 2400 meters above sea level, where the area of the snowy forests and the “eyebrow of the mountain” area is located

Journal name: Association for the development and protection of natural resources of Peru zoocriadero vertebrados “VICTORIA S. A. C.”
Author (s): V.V. Izerskiy

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