“Current situation of tropical forests in the headwaters of the Amazon River basins – warning and socio-environmental and human health problems in the face of Global Climate Change”

“The current state of the rainforests in the upper Amazon River basins. Socio-environmental and human health issues related to global climate change”

The President of the ASSOCIATION “ACRENAP”, Dr. Volodymyr Izerskyy, together with the CEO of Peruvian Forest eng. Efraín Bonzano Sosa and the Planetlungs Foundation.

They published an article in the magazine (Revista quot. Bosque y Masquot Lima Peru. Octubre, 2023).

In this article, we present the results of our ongoing research on the impact of the Amazon forests.
The formation of living conditions for all organisms living on its territory, including people and the problems that uncontrolled logging creates. forests in the context of global climate change.


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