Development for the benefit of life.

The human and the biosphere -

the concept of coexistence.

Preservation of biodiversity.

Founded in 2000

We are a non-profit association established in 2000 with the aim of working in the field of research programs for the restoration and conservation of the Amazon forests.

To carry out its tasks, ACRENAP performs five main functions based on the program for the XXI century, adopted by the UN for the support of works and projects in the educational, scientific, and cultural areas.

– Publication and promotion of work results, specialized information exchange.
– Development of new methods for ecosystem recovery, based on the results of scientific research.

– The legal process for specialized recommendations by laws regulating the usage of natural resources in Peru’s ecosystem.
– Providing consulting and monitoring services to all interested individuals in the development area and registration of projects on the use, management, preservation, and recovery of natural resources.

– Implementation of research programs in the preservation area and recovery of Amazon biosphere’s rainforest.


Our team

Our research team consists of specialists working in various fields of natural science. Among them: zoologists, botanists, ornithologists, entomologists, ecologists, forest engineers and anthropologists with whom the Fund has been cooperating for more than 15 years.

Scientific Group

Our Mission

Since the establishment of the Association for the Development and Conservation of Resources of Peru in 2000, our main goal has been to implement natural resource management programs based on the balance of the economic interests of man and nature, which are important for the preservation of natural ecosystems .

500 +

new taxa for science

0 +

scientific and popular scientific articles

0 +

various projects have been implemented

$ 300 +

at the expense of own funds

What We Achieved

All results of our research were systemized and published as books scientific and popular scientific articles.. These works are intended for the determination of taxa, and also include information on the taxonomy and ecology of species. 
Also, we have represented modern, practical techniques in the field of the rational usage of the forest natural resources and raised issues connected with the ecological status of the floodplains and the upper reaches of the Amazon etc.


Atlas of coffee. 2022

The Longhorn Beetles ...

Endangered and endemic species

Peruvian Lepidopteran ...

Orchids of Peru

Saturniidae, Oxytenidae ...

Documentary KINGDOMS of NATURE. Amazing amazon insects

Humanity affects the disappearance of a large number of animal species, constantly cutting down huge areas of forest, without stopping hunting and developing new lands. Using these resources for their personal and commercial benefit, people take them away from the flora and fauna of natural habitats..

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During the development of the Fund’s activities and projects, we are always open to new fruitful contacts and mutually beneficial cooperation with various organizations and individuals, who are not indifferent to the environmental problems and the preservation of the last virgin forests of the Amazon.

We express our sincere gratitude for a long and fruitful cooperation!