Endangered and endemic species of the Amazon
In July of this year, there was the release of a new book on the endangered and endemic (restricted by habitat) species of insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals found in the provinces of Satipo and La Convención, Peru. On the pages of the Atlas “Endangered and endemic wildlife of the Central jungle (Satipo Province, La Convención Province)” you will find colourful illustrations and descriptions of rare species of the Amazon.
Unfortunately, human activity is destructive to wildlife. Preservation and restoration of biological diversity should become a priority for human activities in the coming years since their loss will negatively affect not only the biosphere balance of the region but also the overall quality of life on the planet. We do hope that the release of the book will familiarize a wide audience with almost extinct species of wild cats, birds, frogs, and extremely interesting insects. And in this way, it will attract public attention to the problems of the nature of Peru. The book is available in Spanish and English.

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