Новое замещающее название для Bezverkhovia Gorochov, 2018 (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Podoscirtinae)

A new replacement name for Bezverkhovia Gorochov, 2018 (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Podoscirtinae)


Abstract. The generic name Bezverkhovia Gorochov, 2018 assigned to the cricket genus from South
America is a junior homonym of the generic name in Vietnamese Lepidoptera. The new replacement name

Eubezverkhovia nom. nov. is proposed here instead of the aforementioned homonymic name.
The following new combinations are also suggested: Eubezverkhovia lydia (Gorochov, 2018), comb. nov. and E.?
huanchaca (Gorochov, 2017), comb. nov.

Key words: crickets, nomenclature, South America, Orthoptera, Gryllidae, Podoscirtinae, new replace-
ment name, new combinations

Journal name: Zoosystematica Rossica
Author (s): A.V. Gorochov V.V. Izerskiy

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